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Warranties and refunds

Product Returns

From the website of the Finnish Consumer Authority

"The consumer has the right to try remotely sold goods at home before making the final purchasing decision, as the decision is most often made on the basis of image and text presentations, as the product cannot be examined in every detail online. The main rule is the product can tested and explored, in the same way as in shops, but the product cannot be brought to use."

Unused products can be purchased with a 14-day money back warranty under the Consumer Protection Act. We give our products a 21 day money-back warranty.

When sending returns it is recommended to take a receipt from Matkahuolto of sent return to avoid uncertainties later.

The returned product ought to be in its original condition and unused. The consumer is responsible for return costs. If the return has been sent as a customer return on the supplier's bill, that sum will be reduced from refunded amount to the customer.

For returns, please contact us by e-mail and follow given instructions. You can also call us to agree on the return, tel. +358 (0) 40 147 1422.

The total amount of the order will be refunded within 10 days through Klarna. The return process ought to be accompanied by a copy of the customer's receipt or invoice. If the return delivery does not contain a copy of the receipt or invoice, we will charge 20 euro for the extra work.

To receive your money back from a returned product (does not apply to warranty returns), it ought to be in fully original condition with all its accessories intact, as well as and in its original packaging (= We can sell the product again for full price), to get a full refund. If the return delivery does not contain everything that belongs to the original delivery or in case it is in poor condition because of the actions of the customer, we reserve, as a rule, to reduce 30% of the sales price as indemnity.

Product Warranty

All products have a minimum six-month warranty in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Products with longer warranties are separately stated for each product in the product information. Products of the Aika-brand have a 10 year warranty. Anodized aluminum products have a corrosion-resistance warranty.

The warranty period starts from the date either the receipt or the invoice is dated and is valid for the time (months) as indicated on the receipt. A potential warranty replacement or repair of the product does not extend the original product warranty.

All warranty returns are tested and reviewed before any decisions are made. We can be exempt from our product warranty liability if it is probable that the damage, defect or deterioration of the product is due to accident, improper use of the product or for any other reason where the buyer's actions are the cause.

The warranty does not cover adjustments of products. The warranty for electrical equipment does not cover damage due to power failure or lightning, improper storage of the product, damage caused by neglected cleaning, abuse of the product or any other breach of instructions, including improper installation or physical abuse or battery to the product on behalf of the consumer.

The service provider reserves the right to claim compensation for customer's unfair claims of warranty service. Possible costs that occur for unreasonable warranty services, such as service cost and fees for the service company, as well as Funit Oy's handling and logistics costs can be billed from the costumer.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer ought to notify the warranty provider of a defect within a reasonable time after the buyer has discovered or ought to have discovered the error.

In uncertain cases, contact us, by telephone +358 (0)40 147 1422 or by email