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Both of Tea’s parents worked in wood refinement factory during seventies and eighties. The factory was located in Kurikka, which is a small town in Finland. Tea was also born in Kurikka and Tea’s father worked in the factory for exactly twenty years. Tea’s fathers profession is a carpenter.

Most of the wood materials used for TEATIAMO are surplus from wood industry. Some rare materials used for the products date back to that time when Tea’s father worked in the factory. No wonder the daughter developed a special relationship with wood in an early age. Still in pre school she used to go and sell ice-cream to the factory workers with her sister.

TEATIAMO was born during the lonely nights and mornings during the summer of 2015 out of an urge to design something timeless and beautiful for your pleasure in bedroom. Sex should be elegant, fun and sensual and you shouldn’t hide it behind closed doors. You should praise it. TEATIAMO Industries started spreading the love officially in January 2016.

TEATIAMO® wooden dildos are designed with a mission: sex is a beautiful and aesthetic part of our lives. Not something dark or dirty. It’s fun and straightforward. Every single piece is handcrafted and finished with safe E71/3 certified acrylic varnish making the surface shiny, safe and smooth. The varnish makes the surface to prevent moist and dirt. All pieces are unique and handmade.

Wood stays hard and well kept the pieces last a lifetime. TEATIAMO thrives every woman’s and man’s right to open about sex and their sexuality. It overrules prejudices, fears and restraining roles. The owner of the brand, Tea Latvala, wanted to design something elegant that you could actually leave on the table or anywhere in the apartment without being worried that someone might see it.

Born and raised in Finland the designer gets her inspiration from Finnish and Scandinavian nature and wood. Every wood has its own spirit. The specific design of a banana shape demands a very skilled craftsman to process it. It might look very simple but there are hours and hours of hard hand work behind every piece.

All great things in life stay hard, last a lifetime and come in beautiful packages.

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